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Rural old-fashioned mortar and pestle that works

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Rural old-fashioned mortar and pestle that works

Additional Details:

These mortars are carved out of whole pieces of stones, and unpolished so that the surface are optimized for grinding purposes. They are excellent in grounding spices and aromatics.

We have chosen these for the effectiveness. They are speedy in getting even your hardest spices grounded in no time.

There is a big difference between spices and aromatics that are ground by hand and a blender. The aroma and taste from using these mortar and pestle are simply what blenders and technology cannot replace.

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What our users say ...

It is hard to believe that everything cooked in this wok just tastes a little bit better. Never thought the wok hei taste can be achieved at home.

Valerie Chew

I love this wok. It is beautiful to look at and wonderful to cook with.

Nick Manley

I use it for Middle Eastern cuisine for my family and it works wonders. I have never thought that a wok is such a flexible equipment.

Samantha Mahmood

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