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Dumpling tray for multi-layer dumplings

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Dumpling tray for multi-layer dumplings

Additional Details:

Brand SenseYo
Material bamboo
pattern other
style Chinese
shape rectangle
Place of origin China Mainland
size 10 inches
popular elements Solid color
source of the image Self-real shot
Number 1
Disk type Flat plate
Tea tableware craft Hand Painted
Item Number

What our users say ...

It is hard to believe that everything cooked in this wok just tastes a little bit better. Never thought the wok hei taste can be achieved at home.

Valerie Chew

I love this wok. It is beautiful to look at and wonderful to cook with.

Nick Manley

I use it for Middle Eastern cuisine for my family and it works wonders. I have never thought that a wok is such a flexible equipment.

Samantha Mahmood

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