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Stir Fry anything with Mei Wok in Four Steps

Stir fry using the Mei Wok

To stir fry is to cook rapidly over a high heat while stirring briskly. This method of cooking can be used for every kind of meat and vegetables.

The trick to making great stir fry dishes is to ensure the food is cut to very small bite size pieces. Stir frying originates from China and is called 炒 (chǎo). It is so easy to stir fry, the same method of cooking has been spreading to all of Asia for centuries. A good stir fry must not last more than 2-3 minutes, and involves only 4 steps.

  1. Always add oil to the wok after the wok is smoking hot. In the Mei wok, you'd want to turn the heat up to the second highest. When you put your hand over the pan and the back of the hand gets warm immediately, the wok is ready.
  2. Put in the oil. Just 2 - 3 tablespoon is plenty. Then add in the aromatics. What aromatics to use depends on what cuisine you are cooking!  In China, for example, ginger, garlic and onions are commonly used. In Thailand, chilies, garlic and onions are favored. In India, onions, garlic, ginger and spices. In Southeast Asia, we like garlic, some chillies and our spices.
  3. Add main ingredients. Once the aroma fills up the kitchen, add in the bite sized vegetables, then the meat, then the green leaves. Then a sauce. Like a fish sauce or soya sauce.
  4. Garnish. When everything is cooked, dish up and add toppings according to what you love: scallions, fried shallots, fried garlic, chilies, soya or black sauce, lime/lemon, or in the Indochina, condiments of sugar, chilies and white vinegar.

Keep stirring all the time, this makes the cook even and also cools down the ingredients and stops burning.

It is the easiest and fastest form of cooking. And now with the Mei Wok, everything has a wok hei taste. What's there not to love?


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