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What is wok hei?



Literal translation of 'wok hei' from Cantonese is the 'breath of wok'. It is that complex charred aroma that fleetingly cloaks the piping-hot stir-fries which results from a complex interplay of factors that is part science, part art, part magic.

According to Michelin guide 2016, "Wok hei can only be achieved under conditions of intense heat, at levels that are difficult to achieve without a commercial cooking range. "

We have since created the Mei Wok that will retain the right amount of heat in the home and therefore you can create the same wok hei taste at home, on any stove: open fire, coil, flat glass or induction. Just remember to keep stirring the food pieces in the wok. You don't need to toss the wok like a professional!

The Japanese has their umami. In the broader Asia, we have the wok hei. 

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